End to end cost planning

From the early design stages to ongoing monitoring of costs through the duration of a project, Causeway’s Cost Management software enables Slattery to add value to the services it delivers to clients.
To support its cost planning, BoQ and quantity surveying services, Slattery needed a single comprehensive system that could meet its requirements and be configured to suit the company’s preferred working practices. Having evaluated a number of options Causeway Cost Management software was found to be the most suitable one.

Causeway’s software provides Slattery with a company-wide system that enables staff to operate from any of its offices throughout Australia, working online and accessing the cost plans and BoQs they need, often with many people working simultaneously on the same project. With Causeway software, the company has also been able to increase its work output while boosting productivity and reducing errors.

Causeway’s Cost & Programme Management software has given Slattery the ability to sustain its growth while maintaining the high levels of service to clients that have been the foundation of the company’s success.

Supporting the Design Process

From the design of utilities through to estimating and managing the costs of all sizes of project, Causeway’s Design software solutions provide the speed, accuracy and ease of use that today’s modern construction companies require. In fully embracing the opportunities of BIM we support enhanced collaboration, information management and interoperability between all parties.