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BIM Infrastructure Design

Flexible, intuitive software for traffic sign design to the current TSRGD.

Incorporating post & foundation calculations, BIM modelling and scheduling tools, PDS Sign can run inside AutoCAD or as a standalone product in our own CAD system. Intelligent, reactive legend and borders help produce accurate and detailed designs which can be sited in full 3D, complete with BIM data to provide a project-wide solution for traffic sign design.

Feature Wheel

  • DFT diagrams
    • Map symbols ready to use.
    • Complete library of regulatory signs.
    • Complete library of warning signs.
  • Placement tools
    • Place legend and symbols in any order.
    • Flexible alignment options.
    • Optimisation of border size.
    • Dynamic borders update to reflect changes.
    • Signface details update to reflect any changes.
    • Automatic advance direction signs.
  • Passive posts
    • Sign structure design built-in.
    • Support for popular passive posts.
    • Level or sloping siting.
    • Individual or combined bases.
    • Output dimensioned structure drawings.
  • Sign siting
    • Siting in plan.
    • Thumbnails and annotation automatically generated.
    • Sign schedules.
    • Associated with channel lines.
    • Sign structures placed automatically in 3D.
    • 3D views for visibility checks
  • 3D surface integration
    • Sign structures can be associated with 3D highway designs.
    • The structure is sited automatically at the ground or design model level.
    • Can be combined with markings in 3D for visualisation.
    • Can be exported into 3D rendering packages for enhanced visualisation.
  • BIM-ready structures
    • BIM ready structures.
    • Meta data attached automatically.
    • Signface graphics to suit BIM collaboration tools.
    • DWFx export.

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