eInvoice Connection |

To unlock the time, cost and environmental benefits of eInvoicing software, you first need to connect your business, enabling you to send or receive electronic documents.

Thanks to the open approach adopted by Tradex, there are many options available to meet your specific circumstances.

View our full e-Invoicing data sheet here.


Feature Wheel

  • Integrated
    • Simple exchange.
    • Automated validation.
    • Automate feedback to suppliers.
    • Low cost scalability.
    • Automate archiving.
    • Fast access to invoices
    • Improve sustainability
  • Web form
    • Free connection.
    • Send and/or receive.
    • Just requires a browser.
    • Rapid connection.
    • Connect to all your partners.
  • PDF conversion
    • Auto-link even without a data file.
    • Self manage.
    • Extract header and line details.
    • Just need a searchable PDF.
    • Simple to upgrade.
  • Hub to hub
    • Connect with all customers.
    • Connect with all suppliers.
    • Link established communities.
    • Faster roll out process.
  • Paper to data
    • Convert paper to data.
    • Achieve 100% electronic documents.
    • Fast turnaround.
    • Link with archiving.

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