Early Payment Programme |

Tradex provides an integrated finance solution that delivers a clear value proposition to buyers and suppliers – as well as to those providing finance.

Tradex manages information from all parties centrally and provides a tailored gateway through which each can manage, monitor and maintain effective supply chain financing.

Buyers improve cash management, supply chain liquidity and supplier relationships within a flexible and highly accessible framework.

Suppliers convert trade receivables into cash in the bank to support business operations, sales growth and finance management.

What an early payment programme delivers

  1. Flexibility - The ability to utilise unsecured funds to make vendor payments when this is a more attractive option than having to use funds typically secured against the assets of a business. An early payment programme also provides the ability to have a facility from multiple lenders accessed via a single platform.
  2. Extended working capital - Using Tradex funds at certain points in the monthly cycle to help bridge cash flow timing differences. We make payments on your behalf and you extend the repayment period back to us.
  3. Supplier business support - Allows you to directly support your Supply Chain's businesses by adding additional supply side security to your business.
  4. Margin - Many sub-contractors will offer early settlement discounts that drive margin to your bottom line. The majority of material suppliers offer rebates based on volume of sales along with your ability to provide in-time payments. Having the ability to guarantee payments ensures that you secure the promised rebates.
  5. Sub-contractor support - Releasing early payment to the sub-contractor on approved applications makes your organisation a more attractive client, helps build confidence and may reduce costs for the sub-contractor, who can reduce expensive borrowings. Many sub-contractors factor their invoices to help with their cash flow, which is often very expensive when done in this way.



Why the Tradex programme is superior

  1. Access to Multiple Lenders - Full integration to multiple lenders
  2. Single PortalSingle portal for partners to collect PO’s, upload invoices/applications, check status of invoices/applications and request early payments
  3. Integration to internal & external systems - Integration to ERP and external finance provider's system
  4. On-Boarding/Enrolment - Causeway conduct the on-boarding and enrolment of Partners to the portal and initiative
  5. Supply Chain Flexibility - Supply Chain have the option to take early payment if they wish and are not forced to take early payment
  6. Buyer Flexibility - Use funds to generate additional revenue or use facility to fund the delay in payment from clients compared to payment terms of supply chain
  7. Provide Know Your Customer (KYC) capability - Ensure payments are only released to vetted supply chain partners
  8. Support - Support to both buyer and supply chain for both the portal and the programme

Feature Wheel

  • Buyers
    • Improve Cash Management
    • Improve Supply Chain Liquidity
    • Improve Supply Chain Relationships
  • Supply Chain Partners
    • Convert Trade Receivables Into Cash
    • Support Finance Management
    • Support Business Operations and Sales Growth

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