Forms & Workflow |
Enterprise Content Management

The controlled forms and workflow environment provided by Causeway ECM ensures that the company’s defined and documented processes cannot be ignored.

It also supports audit and management information, providing complete visibility for enhanced analysis in support of ongoing improvement to processes.


Feature Wheel

  • Graphical workflow
    • Graphical drag and drop workflow designer.
    • Design tasks for people.
    • Highlights forms to be completed.
    • Shares data with other applications via XML or other standards.
    • Ensures deadlines are met with due dates and reminders.
    • Full graphical tracking or reporting of processes.
  • Custom forms
    • Configurable forms designed in a web environment.
    • Built-in logic and database lookups.
    • Use forms within business processes or standalone.
    • Offers different views for different people.
    • Supports file attachments."
  • Open integration
    • Supports Web Services with Microsoft or Java.
    • Full document management, search, workflow and other functions.
    • Supports future-proof upgrade path.
    • Two way integration to interchange data in many formats.
    • Fully secure and audited.
  • ERP integration
    • Allows documents to be integrated, embedded and accessed directly from key transactions.
    • Supports data interchange within a workflow process.
    • Flexible interface can be embedded within third party applications.
    • Configurable forms to capture the right data.
    • Support for standard SQL databases and data interchange.
  • Reports
    • Wide choice of report styles.
    • Allows drill down with sub-reports to access more detail.
    • Flexible reports can be written by system administrators.
    • Respects application and object based permissions.
    • Supports export to external applications.