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In purchasing the Buyers Professional Bundle, SSE joins the growing list of organisations who are using Tradex to transform the efficiency of their Accounts Payable (AP) processes and automate the time-consuming manual tasks associated with matching invoices.

Principal among SSE’s priorities was the ability to receive invoices into 2 instances of Oracle R12 and Causeway Vixen without having to re-key. The company also needed to be able to automate the archiving process and wanted a solution that offered business rule validation, rejection to suppliers, OCR scanning and a supplier portal.

With this in mind, the Tradex Buyers Professional Bundle proved to be the most suitable choice for SSE, offering demonstrable ROI in the AP function and proven integration into Oracle and Causeway Vixen at the same time.

SSE also wanted to be able to remove the manual search and load function from the accounts department and store invoices processed via Tradex and third parties. As a result, the organisation supplemented the Tradex Bundle with Causeway’s Tradex Doc Store, which enables organisations to store, organise, control, audit and manage electronic documents within a single repository. The Document Store also fulfills SSE’s preference for integration with Tradex Oracle and Vixen.

For more information on Tradex and the Document Store, and how they are helping to connect and digitise Source-to-Pay and transform Accounts Payable efficiency, download a Causeway Tradex Datasheet, visit the Tradex Bundles page, or get in touch with Tradex Growth Specialist, Aaron Ferdinand, directly on +44 (0) 1628 552225.

Fri, 17/08/2018 - 09:30
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