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Wardell Armstrong and Waldeck Associates become the two latest engineering firms to choose Causeway Flow for its next-generation capabilities and competitive pricing.

Following an on-site software demonstration with Causeway Drainage Design specialist, Tom Fox, multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy Wardell Armstrong could see clear, quantifiable value and purchased a number of Flow licences as a result.

During their search for viable drainage design alternatives, Wardell Armstrong concluded that Flow could offer great value to their business due to its enhanced capabilities, the ease of obtaining approval, the sizeable reduction in maintenance costs and absence of upfront licence fees. These benefits, coupled with the need for a Wide Area Network to accommodate for over 10 offices, made Causeway Flow a clear winner for the Board of Directors.

As with Wardell Armstrong, construction engineering specialist Waldeck Associates also attended demonstrations to gauge the value that Causeway Flow could offer the business. Having seen many of Flow’s next-generation features in action, the business case was clear, resulting in the company’s adoption of Causeway Flow.

For more information on Causeway Flow and how it can help you transform your drainage design productivity, get in touch with Drainage Design Specialist Tom Fox on (0)1628 552061 or book a demo.

Mon, 27/08/2018 - 11:00
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