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A fresh approach to drainage design

The complete set of core tools needed to carry out an adaptable drainage design from end-to-end


Flow is a hydraulic modelling package for the design and analysis of storm water drainage networks and the design of foul water networks. Ideal for customers who are looking to purchase an affordable alternative to what the market already offers.

Key Features

1 - Design storm water networks using the Modified Rational Method and design foul networks in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 752:2008 Drain and sewer systems outside buildings

2 - Simulate the design using cutting edge 1d dynamic wave routing 

3 - Model inline controls, overflows, online and offline storage and additional losses

4 - All completed in a single, easy to learn, easy to use application

5 - Integrated with PDS for graphical setting out, scheduling and the production of sections

6 - Supports industry file formats


Feature Wheel

  • Data is presented in an easy to use tabular format:
    • Network is defined as a set of nodes and links
    • No need to understand the dendritic numbering system
    • Flood Studies Report and Flood Estimation Handbook rainfall intensities automatically calculated
    • Capacity calculated using the Colebrook-White equation
    • Pipe diameters & manhole sizes calculated in accordance with Sewers for Adoption
    • Falls calculated to give minimum velocity
  • Simulate water levels within the network throughout the duration of one or more storms:
    • Solves the complete one-dimensional Saint Venant flow equations
    • Dynamic wave routing takes account of node & link storage, backwater effects, entrance & exit losses, flow reversal, and pressurised flow
    • Test the network against return periods of up to 1000 years
    • Analyse one or more storm durations in a single run with results collated & critical durations identified at every node
  • Others
    • Design for capacity only, to give optimum cover depth or to meet a known outfall level
    • Automatically generated time varying rainfall using UK 50 percentile summer profile from 15 minutes to 7 day durations
    • Model open manholes, sealed manholes & junctions
    • Model in-line flow controls, overflows, loops, online & offline storage

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