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Separate material, plant and sub-contract orders can be against estimate allowances, price agreements or product database.

Linked text clauses allow full order production in multi formats with KPI analysis. Also provides all the tools required to manually produce measurements on traditional cut/shuffle sheets.


Feature Wheel

  • Supplier sourcing
    • Source by trade.
    • Source by single or multiple locations.
    • Source by performance.
    • Full order history.
  • Supplier KPIs
    • Scored weightings.
    • User defined KPIs for material/plant and sub-contract orders.
    • Average scores over user-defined timeframes.
    • Down to order level.
  • Material & plant ordering
    • Separate material and plant orders.
    • User defined layouts.
    • Order against estimate allowance.
    • Price agreements.
    • Product database.
  • Requisitions
    • Electronic requisitions.
    • Free format or product/estimate based.
    • Templates for repetitive requisitions.
    • Authorisations.
    • Requisitions can be converted to orders.
  • Price agreements
    • By product or group.
    • By supplier.
    • By contract.
    • By zone.
    • Date effective.
  • Buying performance
    • Against estimate.
    • Compared to other orders.
    • By product.
    • By buying office.
  • Stock
    • Issue and returns to contract.
    • Movements between locations.
    • Multi locations.
    • Multi sub-locations.
    • Stocktake.
  • Sub-contract agreements
    • User defined clauses.
    • User defined Inserts to clauses.
    • Multiple formats.
    • Auto generate package in the contract.
    • Multi level authorisation.

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