Supplier Accreditation |
Supplier Management

Ensuring that your suppliers and sub-contractors meet specific minimum criteria is essential for compliance.

However, supply chain management is also a challenging, administrative task that is often duplicated within organisations. Furthermore, keeping this information up to date is essential, but is often neglected due to the volume of suppliers and the effort involved. 

MyRegister meets this challenge with an online system that automates the process of capture and update of supplier information.


Feature Wheel

  • Registration
    • Automated process prevents duplication of supplier registrations.
    • Automatic notification of supplier requests to delegated authority (e.g. category manager).
    • Link from your web site allows suppliers to register interest.
    • Supports requests from internal staff to consider nominated suppliers.
    • Automatically sends out Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) on approval of request.
  • Onboarding
    • Bulk supplier import facility through a standard format.
    • Sends out multiple PQQs at one time.
    • Tracks progress of PQQs online without phone calls and emails.
    • Support for multiple onboarding methods for different types of suppliers.
  • Pre-qualification
    • Tailored business process to match specific customer needs.
    • Emails and notifications of tasks and activity reminders.
    • Automated reminders and renewals at key times, such as expiry of insurance policies.
    • Centralised storage of key information with attachments.
    • Direct integration eliminates re-keying of information into multiple systems.
  • Category management
    • Personalised category and geographical list to match business needs.
    • Generates of league tables to identify best and worst suppliers.
    • Clear allocation of responsibility per category.
    • Allow suppliers to suggest additional capabilities they may wish to be considered for.
    • Full category reporting to support pro-active business planning.

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