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Once approved suppliers are in place and working on contracts, an ongoing challenge is to continually measure the performance of the suppliers and act on the feedback, ensuring that you continue to meet clients’ needs.

An effective partnership that improves overall performance and delivers an ever-improving service relies on two-way feedback between you and your suppliers. MyRegister enables you to consistently, and regularly, capture the performance of suppliers and internal teams, providing the information in a way that can be easily re-used and built upon.

As a result, MyRegister is more than just a database, it is a live and dynamic system.


Feature Wheel

  • Rating
    • Schedules and automates collation of information.
    • Role-based performance reviews with overall assessors.
    • Support for data capture using mobile handheld devices.
    • Ensures consistency across the business to gain insight and feedback.
  • 360 review
    • Consistent feedback in line with internal reviews for comparison.
    • Schedules requests at predefined intervals e.g. (quarterly).
    • Online forms enable suppliers to feed back their impression of working with you.
  • Search
    • Search on any criteria held against a supplier.
    • Ranked search results based on accreditation status, partnership level and performance.
    • Direct access to detailed supplier information and attachments.
    • Multiple permission levels allows confidential information to be hidden.
    • Exports search results for use in other systems, such as marketing communications.
  • Supplier portal
    • Facilitates collaborative working with 360 reviews.
    • Reduces administration time by giving suppliers direct access to amend their own details.
    • Collaborative platform for sharing performance information.
    • Aids publication of news articles and key documents to the supply chain.

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