Scheduling |

Scheduling gives businesses the opportunity to assign their planned and reactive work in the most efficient way.

It allows companies to increase revenues as more work can be done per day, while costs are reduced by optimising routing.


Feature Wheel

  • Vehicle routing
    • Monitor average vehicle travel time/day.
    • Effectively route individual or multiple jobs.
    • Provides mileage & expected route duration.
    • Displays both fastest & shortest routes.
    • Retrospectively compares actual route against most efficient.
  • Job scheduling
    • Assign asset closest to reactive jobs.
    • Assign asset with correct skills.
    • Schedule assets efficiently to planned work.
    • Schedule multiple jobs efficiently.
    • Take account of any known restrictions.
  • Works management
    • Integration to Vixen Mobile.
    • Integration to CPA Mobile.
    • Eliminates dual data entry into back office & scheduling systems.