Driver & Vehicle Performance |

Ensuring that drivers are driving in a safe and professional manner can have multiple benefits to a business.

The driver & vehicle performance systems allow users to monitor vehicle usage and target improvements in driving style. They can improve employee safety, reduce vehicle wear & tear and increase the vehicle MPG, leading to significant fuel savings. 


Feature Wheel

  • Driver performance
    • Monitors MPG.
    • Detects harsh acceleration and braking.
    • Discourages speeding.
    • Detects idling.
    • Informs driver debriefs.
  • Vehicle performance
    • Monitors MPG, emissions and fuel consumption.
    • Tracks vehicle mileages.
    • Provides vehicle service information.
    • Supports vehicle history reports.
  • CANbus integration
    • Ability to provide CAN data.
    • Integration with vehicles with FMS gateway.
    • Integration with On-Board Diagnostics (OBD).
  • Ad hoc reporting
    • Schedulable reports.
    • Ad hoc reporting.
    • Ability to report over any time period.
    • Driver behaviour reporting.
    • User definable reports.
  • Business intelligence reporting
    • Scope to develop reports on demand.
    • Email to multiple users.
    • Available online or in Excel, PDF, csv or XML.
    • Report on activity at points of interest or groups of POIs.
    • KPI reports highlighting performance at group/branch/vehicle level.

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