Causeway BIMMeasure provides the ability to measure directly from federated or individual models and drawings whether presented in 2D, 3D or BIM format. BIMMeasure also integrates fully with CATO modules Cost Planning, Taking-off and Billing (BoQ production) designed for Cost Consultants, as well as Construction Estimating for contractors.

Feature Wheel

  • Measurement
    • Measures DWG, DWF and DWFx files.
    • Measures from IFC.
    • Allows drag and drop of measurements.
    • Image formats supported (bmp, gif, jpg, tif)
    • Measurements collection.
  • BIM
    • Measures DWF and DWFx files.
    • Measures from IFC files.
    • Counts length, area and volume measurements.
    • Measures entities.
    • Enables drag and drop of measurements.
  • Multi-file support
    • Measures Raster format image files.
    • Measures from PDFs as image files.
    • Uses object snaps for accuracy.
    • Enables entity measurements for model files.
    • Measures collections.
  • Auto-scheduling
    • Enables grouping of like items.
    • Measures schedules of like items.
    • Handles multiple schedules.
    • Measurements can be dragged from schedules.
    • Multi-level sortation.
  • Slicing
    • Allows slicing of 3D model with up to 3 planes.
    • Uses surface of an object to define slice plane.
    • Slice planes can be rotated.
    • Measurements can be taken on the slice plane.
    • Includes auto-slicing on X, Y and Z planes.

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