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BIM Infrastructure Design

An easy to use and highly productive tool for designing all types of alignments.

Automatic regeneration of design elements (kerbs, footpaths and batters) to reflect design changes immediately provides significant advantages over traditional CAD-based design methods.


Feature Wheel

  • Carriageways
    • Varying width carriageways.
    • Freeform carriageways.
    • Default and user defined crossfalls.
    • Default and user defined carriageway construction.
    • Automatic junctions.
    • User defined junction wizard.
    • Freeform and parametric turning heads.
    • Carriageway drainage analysis.
    • User defined road features - laybys.
  • Visibility checks
    • Junction splays to user defined parameters.
    • Horzontal forward visibility checks.
    • Vertical forward visibility checks.
  • Automatic vertical design
    • User defined design parameters.
    • Optmised design.
    • Optimised earthworks.
    • Fast first pass design.
    • Design the surface or formation.
  • Dynamic alignment editing
    • Amend any element of the design quickly.
    • Design changes reflected automatically.
    • Iterative Design.
    • Flexibilty at all stages of the design process.
    • Reduced re-working.
  • Route alignment cut & fill
    • User definable road construction.
    • Cut and fill to formation.
    • Cut and fill optimisation at the early stages of design.
  • Rule-based design
    • Default and user specified design parameters.
    • Minimum / maximum longitudinal gradients.
    • Minimum element lengths.
    • Junction tie in criteria.
    • Curve length, Radius, M Value, K Factor.
  • Horizontal & vertical design
    • Convert a CAD sketch directly into a validated design.
    • Fixed free and floating elements.
    • Full control over the design at all stages.
    • String based design for maximum flexibility.
    • Design changes at any stage of the design process.

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