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The most comprehensive drainage layout package available - and the only one that fully integrates with Causeway Flow for full hydraulic network analysis.


Feature Wheel

  • Scheduling
    • Manhole schedules.
    • Full drainage network schedules.
    • Trenching volumes by depth band.
    • Total length of pipes.
    • Setting out schedules.
  • 3D modelling
    • 3D display of the nework in PDS.
    • Generate a rendered view in PDS VR.
    • View the terrain and drainage in WinDes.
    • Analysis overland flows in WinDes.
  • Drainage sections
    • Drainage only sections.
    • Combined road and drainage sections.
    • User defined section styles.
    • Display storm and foul networks.
    • Display crossing pipes and services.
  • Clash detection
    • Clash check new against new.
    • Clash check new against existing.
    • Take into account actual size and clearances.
    • Show clashes in plan and on drainage sections.
    • See clashes in 3D.
  • Flow integration
    • Network integration with Flow
    • Pond design output to Flow Source Control.
    • PDS design model export to WinDes for Floodflow analysis.
    • Dynamic link between PDS and WinDes.
    • Design change warnings.
    • Ability to generate a PDS drainage layout from a WinDes design.
  • Interactive rule-based layout
    • Interactive rule based layout.
    • Layout manipulation with retained layout rules.
    • Associated to the road layout.
    • Intelligent response to surface condition, cover levels and depths.
    • Automated pipe/manhole numbering/re-numbering.
    • Pipe coding and network hierarchy match WinDES.
    • Network catchment loading.

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