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Highway Design is an extension to Alignment Design, aimed at major routes and includes automatic and user controlled transition curve design and super elevation application.


Feature Wheel

  • Visibility checks
    • Junction splays to user defined parameters.
    • Horizontal forward visibility checks.
    • Vertical forward visibility checks.
    • Export the design to VR for real time drive-through checks.
  • Carriageways
    • Single and dual carriageways
    • Varying width carriageways
    • Freeform carriageways.
    • Default and user defined crossfalls and carriageway construction.
    • Automatic junctions.
    • User-defined junction wizard.
    • Freeform and parametric turning heads.
    • Carriageway drainage analysis.
    • User defined road features - laybys.
  • Roundabout design
    • Design to Stockdales rolling crown method.
    • Display multiple alignments in one section box.
    • Project levels from one alignment to another.
    • Display tie in points as requires.
  • Transition curve design
    • Super elevation is calculated based on design speed.
    • Leading and trailing transition control.
    • Different design speeds for leading and trailing.
    • Default and individual curve control.
    • Control super elevation application.
  • Interactive vertical & horizontal design
    • Convert a CAD sketch directly into a validated design.
    • Fixed free and floating elements.
    • Full control over the design at all stages.
    • String based design for maximum flexibility.
    • Design changes at any stage of the design process.
  • Dynamic alignment editing
    • User defined design parameters.
    • Optimised design.
    • Optimised earthworks.
    • Fast first pass design.
    • Design the surface or formation.

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