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BIM Infrastructure Design

Site Developer incorporates the Volumetrics, Alignment Design and Drainage Design packages to meet the specific needs of the housing, retail and industrial development sectors and is the recognised standard used by design consultants and clients.


Feature Wheel

  • Optimum levels
    • Design and check access, drive way and plot gradient.
    • Storage pond modelling wizard.
    • Composite modelling wizard.
    • Surface trace display for drainage analysis.
    • Design car parking areas.
    • Dynamic platform analysis.
    • Optimised earthworks volumes.
    • Dynamic links.
    • Assess optimum building levels.
  • Complete site cut & fill
    • Cut and fill between any two or more models.
    • User defined material libraries.
    • User defined construction build-ups in the existing and proposed models.
    • Grids of cut and fill depths.
    • Isopachyte contours.
    • Solid fill display of depths.
    • User defined depth banding.
    • Automatic creation of formation models.
  • Automated design change
    • Amend any element of the design.
    • Design changes reflected automatically.
    • Iterative design.
    • Flexibility at all stages of the design process.
    • Reduced re-working.
  • Local Authority standards
    • Design to the required standards.
    • Designs automatically checked at all stages.
    • Conflicts highlighted.
    • Check the impact of the design on existing features and services.
  • Freeform carriageways
    • Varying width carriageways.
    • Freeform carriageways.
    • Default and user-defined crossfalls.
    • Automatic junctions.
    • User defined junction wizard.
    • Freeform and parametric turning heads.
    • Carriageway drainage analysis.
    • User defined road features - laybys.
    • Default and user-defined carriageway construction.

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