Vehicle Path Analysis |
BIM Infrastructure Design

Includes vehicle turn and swept path analysis for evaluating standard designs or specialised vehicle manoeuvres.

Supplied with a library of standard vehicle types which can be amended or added to as required.


Feature Wheel

  • Vehicle paths
    • Follow a defined path.
    • Pick the path for the vehicle to follow.
    • Predict the path a vehicle will need to follow to avoid conflicts.
    • All vehicles will move forward or reverse.
    • Display the vehicle body at user specified intervals along the path.
  • Vehicle library
    • Standard library of vehicles.
    • Vehicle editing/creation wizard.
    • Save new vehicles into the library.
    • Control vehicle parameters.
  • Replay vehicle movement
    • Generate wheel and body overhang paths graphically.
    • Display the vehicle body shape at user specified intervals along the path.
    • Replay the vehicle moving along the path.
    • Adjust the speed of replay.
    • Use controls to analyse movement at crtical points.
  • Independent
    • CAD layouts can be tested.
    • Run paths over a PDF.
    • Test designs generated by PDS, Bently MX or Autodesk Civil 3D

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