Visual Reality |
BIM Infrastructure Design

Allows existing and proposed designs to be visualised in 3D without the processing associated with rendering software.

The speed to generate drive-throughs is minimal, allowing designs to be reviewed and presented with ease.


Feature Wheel

  • Communicate ideas
    • 3D visualisation.
    • No specialist skills required.
    • No specialist hardware.
  • Walk, drive, fly through
    • Roam above ground.
    • View underground.
    • Follow a preset path.
    • Save still images.
  • Add features
    • Enhance the scene with trees and people.
    • Model buildings and vehicles.
    • Define a library of surface images.
  • Viewer
    • Freely distributable viewer.
    • Communicate ideas with customers.
  • Integrated
    • Integrated with Causeway design packages.
    • Review at any stage in the design process.
    • Surface images applied automatically to the design model.

Causeway Experts

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brent olivier
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