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PDS Volumetrics civil engineering software is a dynamic digital modelling module that forms the basis of the PDS suite.

Causeway Volumetrics ground engineering software allows users to model existing topographical, sub surface, and proposed surfaces, and analyse the impact on earthworks volumes in civil design projects.


Feature Wheel

  • Data formats
    • 2D - 3D survey data conversion.
    • DWG read/write.
    • Bentley MX Genio read/write.
    • Autodesk Civil 3D read/write.
    • PDF import.
    • Lidar pre-processor
  • Dynamic model updates
    • Changes to model immediately reflected in outputs.
    • Sections update dynamically to reflect changes.
    • Spot levels and grids of levels update automatically.
    • Contours update if the model is edited.
  • Cut & fill analysis
    • Cut and fill between any two or more models.
    • User-defined material libraries.
    • User-defined construction build ups in existing and proposed models
    • Grids of cut and fill depths.
    • Isopachyte contours.
    • Solid fill display of depths
    • User defined depth banding
    • Automatic create of formation models
  • Surface design
    • Surface design tools for hardstanding and car park areas.
    • Storage pond modelling wizard.
    • Output surface areas to WinDes Source Control.
    • Composite modelling wizard.
    • Surface trace display for drainage analysis.
    • Dynamic platform analysis
    • Optimised earthworks volumes
  • Borehole modelling
    • AGS or manual input of material depths.
    • Define geotechnical strata.
    • Geotechnical strata modelling.
    • Sections through strata with material display.
    • Volumes of materials.
  • 3D visualisation
    • Surface mesh display.
    • Zones of visual impact.
    • Contour display with exaggeration.
    • 3D faces for rendering.
    • Output to Visual Reality for walkthroughs.

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