Asset Management |

FM Facts Asset Management delivers a complete history of all planned and reactive work relating to an asset.

Asset Management enables management of unlimited assets on multiple sites from a central point, helping to generate pre-planning of asset maintenance and replacement budgets for improved cost control. It also provides accurate data for the creation of comprehensive asset histories.Integral scheduling optimises the deployment and management of technicians, complete with relevant risk information to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements.


Feature Wheel

  • Asset record
    • Manages unlimited assets.
    • Manages asset maintenance costs.
    • Comprehensive asset history.
  • PPM scheduling
    • Complete history of planned and reactive work.
    • Information relates to assets.
    • Includes relocations and breakdowns.
  • Task libraries
    • Enables standard task templates.
    • Templates can be assigned to PPM schedules.
  • Warranty management
    • Controls warranty management.
    • Advises when warranty jobs should be referred to supplier.
  • Condition Based Monitoring (CBM)
    • Condition-based monitoring.
    • Issues results against assets.
    • Automatically issues emergency jobs when required.
  • Scenario lifecycle management
    • Scoring matrix.
    • Identifies correct asset maintenance.
    • Alerts when risk increased by changes in PPM schedules.
  • COBie BIM support
    • Compatible with COBie.
    • Facilitates exchange of lifecycle information.