Corporate Real Estate Management |

FM Locator provides a unique space recharging software system that delivers significant time savings and unrivalled move management to control staff/asset moves from churn to major relocations.

It provides a managed environment for CAD information with simple-to-configure interfaces to both its own databases and to external third party systems (personnel, asset register, MIS etc.). Available as a 100% web-deployed system, the system is competitively priced, quick and simple to install, highly intuitive and very easy to learn.


Feature Wheel

  • Move management
    • Improves CAD drawing management.
    • Up to date floor plans.
    • Occupancy / vacancy tracking.
    • Online 24/7.
    • Simple to use drop and drag function.
    • Online reporting.
  • Space management
    • Accurate view of occupancy and space.
    • Enables informed decision making.
    • Improves understanding of space utilisation.
  • Space re-charging
    • Unique space recharge system.
    • Significant time-savings.
    • Facilitates space management across departments.
  • Drawing management
    • CAD interface.
    • Controls master drawings and proposals.
    • Facilitates scenario planning.
  • Space utilisation
    • Identifies spaces by range of criteria.
    • Works down to individual desk level.
    • Attributes desk positions to a division.
  • Workspace assessment
    • Android mobile surveying tool.
    • Enables efficient surveys.
    • Helps establish workplace habits.
    • Full graphical reporting.
  • IT asset tracking
    • Unique grid system.
    • Uses desk numbers.
    • Assets attributed to each location.
    • Improves management of assets.