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FM Facts Helpdesk is a powerful company-wide suite of management and operational tools for the efficient control of reactive and planned maintenance tasks.

Helpdesk provides flexible and automated communication processes to save time and enable the sharing of centrally-held information by associating jobs to suppliers, SLAs, assets, priorities, budgets, contracts and technicians. It also eases the workload of help desk staff by enabling requesters to log and track their own jobs.


Feature Wheel

  • Reactive maintenance
    • Measures performance.
    • Increases efficiency.
    • Company wide solution.
    • Measures costs.
    • Easy to use.
    • Reduces administration.
  • Escalation
    • Enables escalation.
    • Handles reactive and planned activities.
    • Supports responses to customer queries.
    • Supports responses to financial restraints.
  • SLA management
    • Data information for SLAs.
    • Supports other performance measurements.
    • Facilitates management of any number of suppliers.
  • Workforce management
    • Mobile solutions for allocation of jobs.
    • Jobs can be allocated to individuals.
    • Jobs can be allocated to groups of workers.
    • Immediate communication of all activities.
  • Budget management
    • Enables recording of estimating and actual costs.
    • Delivers tighter control of budgets.
  • Strategic reporting
    • Web-based strategic reporting.
    • Online views of suppliers performance.
    • Handles internal and external suppliers.
    • Uses data from Helpdesk.
    • Instant drill-down reports.