FM Mobile |

FM Mobile delivers enhanced two-way communication between base and mobile workforces, thereby increasing efficiency and improving response times.

Ideal for planned and reactive tasks as well as surveys on risk analysis and Health & Safety, Mobile FM provides FMs with real time data for improved decision making, while also enabling mobile workers to achieve more while on site. The result is improved customer service as jobs are completed faster and updates are provided with minimal delay.


Feature Wheel

  • 2-way comms
    • Saves time and money.
    • Reduces administration.
    • Avoids printing job sheets.
    • Real time data.
    • Improves communication.
    • Offline mode.
  • Real time job allocation
    • Immediate communication of activities.
    • Ensures real time data is tracked.
    • Facilitates true performance measurement.
  • Real time job progression
    • Improves technician communications.
    • Reduces administration time.
    • Eliminates double entry of data.
  • Mobile job creation
    • Reactive jobs raised from mobile device.
    • Communicates with Helpdesk.
    • Monitors through to completion.
  • Signature capture
    • Captures signatures.
    • Provides proof of attendance.
    • Improves customer satisfaction.
    • Complete closure of activity.
  • Risk assessment
    • Easy-to-use risk assessment.
    • Captured information stored against activity.
  • Risk management
    • Identifies known risks.
    • Based on building, location.
    • Takes account of job and asset type.
  • Offline working
    • Enables offline working.
    • Captures real time data.
    • Synchronises with Helpdesk.