Property Manager |

The Property Manager module with FM Facts delivers in-depth views of all associated property documentation and allows total control of all information relating to your global property portfolio.

Feature Wheel

  • Property record
    • Online.
    • Document control/management.
    • Critical dates alerts.
    • Lease management.
    • Insurance management.
    • Event management.
  • Contract management
    • Total controls of property-related information.
    • Automatic reminders of critical dates.
  • Multi-client
    • Highly flexible.
    • Provides control of more than one set of client data.
  • Multi-property
    • Manages data for multiple properties.
    • Includes property history.
    • Landlord and tenant details.
    • Lease details.
    • Insurance information.
  • Event management
    • Facilitates management of events.
    • Avoids missing high risk events.
    • Automatic email alerts.
    • Emails include relevant documents.