Resource Booking |

FM Facts Resource Booking is a fully intranet-enabled tool for the efficient management of company resources from conference rooms and car parking spaces to break out spaces, ‘virtual rooms’ and pool cars.

For enhanced ease of use by customer, Resource Booking also features two-way integration with Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, enabling rooms and associated services to be booked directly from the Outlook Calendar. The Causeway solution also supports more informed strategic planning, enabling cost reductions in key areas while optimising the use of bookable resources. 


Feature Wheel

  • Multiple resources
    • Outlook integration.
    • Manages and controls resources.
    • Automates communication.
    • One stop booking.
    • Includes catering and equipment.
    • Links to Visitor Management.
  • Room management
    • Supports efficient resource management.
    • Applies rules and guidance.
    • Results in smarter utilisation.
  • Interactive room signs
    • Integrates with interactive room signs.
    • Optimises use of limited resources.
    • Includes 'no show' reports.
    • Enables 'on the fly' room utilisation.
  • Catering & equipment
    • Allows catering requests.
    • Catering included at time of booking.
  • Integrates with Helpdesk & Visitor Management
    • Integrates with Visitor Management.
    • Notifies reception of known visitors.
    • Helpdesk integration supports performance measurement.
    • Helps to monitor supplier SLAs.
  • Outlook Integration
    • Integrates with Outlook Calendar.
    • Links to existing staff diaries.
    • Helps availability checking.