Supplier Portal |

Supplier Helpdesk within the FM Facts suite gives authorised internal and external suppliers direct online access to information relating to their reactive and planned (PPM) jobs.

The system enables suppliers to access the information they require directly, eliminating the need to contact them by telephone, email or fax. Suppliers can check for new jobs from their current location, thereby reducing travelling time and improving response times and overall efficiency.Supplier Helpdesk also provides an instant view of supplier workload, with real time data for enhanced reporting.


Feature Wheel

  • Direct online access
    • Saves time and money.
    • Reduces administration.
    • Avoids printing job sheets.
    • Real time data improves communication.
  • Real time job allocation
    • Immediate communication of activities.
    • Ensures real time data is tracked.
    • Facilitates true performance measurement.
  • Real time job progression
    • Enables effective communication by suppliers.
    • Reduces administration.
    • Avoids double entry of data.
  • Comprehensive information
    • Provides all job information.
    • Uses online job cards.
    • Eliminates need for emails with additional information.