Visitor Management |

FM Facts Visitor Management provides a comprehensive management solution that enhances visitor experience from arrival to departure.

Easily accessed management information, including traffic volumes and other reception activities, improves efficiency, saves administration time and enhances the visitor experience. Hosts can log their own visitors via the intranet and badge content can be customised with digital photographs for added security.


Feature Wheel

  • Visitor registration
    • Supports efficient reception management.
    • Monitors numbers of visitors throughout the day.
    • Monitors attendance time and collection times.
  • Visitor badge production
    • Prints visitor badges in advance.
    • Prints badges at time of attendance.
    • Presents professional image to visitors.
  • Arrival notification
    • Sends automatic emails to host.
    • Notifies of delegates' arrival.
  • Footfall monitoring
    • Clear visibility of busiest times.
    • Analyses pre-registered visitor information.
  • Evacuation control
    • Can print list of known visitors on site.
    • Facilitates efficient building evacuation.