Earthworks |
Construction Estimating

Earthworks is a dynamic digital modelling module that allows users to model existing topographical, sub surface, and proposed surfaces, and analyse the impact on earthworks volumes.

Feature Wheel

  • Data formats
    • 2D - 3D survey data conversion.
    • DWG read / write.
    • Bentley MX Genio read / write.
    • Autodesk Civil 3D read/write.
    • PDF import.
    • Lidar pre-processor.
  • Cut & fill
    • Cut and fill between any two or more models.
    • Dynamic platform analysis.
    • Optimised earthworks volumes
    • Grids of cut and fill depths.
    • Isopachyte contours.
    • Solid fill display of depths.
    • User defined depth banding.
    • Automatic creation of formation models.
  • Material libraries
    • User defined material libraries.
    • Libraries copied from project to project.
    • Maybe tailored to suit each project specification.
    • Materials are associated to construction build-ups in the existing and proposed models.
    • Calculate accurate quantities.
  • Build-ups
    • User defined material libraries.
    • User defined construction build-ups in the existing and proposed models.
    • Construction build-ups are copied from project to project.
    • User defined display on plan of the build-ups used with key.
    • Calculate accurate quantities based on formation levels.
  • Borehole modelling
    • AGS or manual input of material depths.
    • Define geotechnical strata.
    • Geotechnical strata modelling.
    • Sections through strata with material display.
    • Volumes of materials.