Embedded Excel |
Construction Estimating

In Causeway Estimating software, quantities can be linked dynamically to Excel spreadsheets so that formulae changes in Excel can automatically update the construction estimate.

This enables complex construction estimating calculations to be carried out in Excel, with support for Excel quantity schedules, which can be used for cost planning.


Feature Wheel

  • Dynamic
    • Manage the spreadsheet and the estimate.
    • Linked quantities are updated.
    • One or many spreadsheets within an estimate.
    • One or many linked Excel cells.
  • Quantity link
    • Drive item quantities from Excel.
    • Drive resource quantities from Excel.
  • Value link
    • Rate build ups such as Prime Cost of labour.
    • Plant costs including depreciation.
  • Multi-sheet support
    • Multiple cells can be linked to one or many items in the construction estimate.