Enquiries & Comparisons |
Construction Estimating

In Causeway Estimating software, sub-contractor and supplier enquiries can be sent out as hard copy or electronically with full comparisons including visibility of all adjustments.

All enquiries are held within, and dynamically linked to, the estimate and the number of vendors that can be compared is unlimited. Causeway construction software provides clear visibility of individual line adjustments deliver significant time-savings.


Feature Wheel

  • Dynamic
    • Automatic refreshing of enquiries packages.
    • Estimate rates are adjusted when vendor is selected.
    • Undo facility to revert back to own rates if necessary.
  • Sub-contractors & suppliers
    • Sub-contractor enquiries package based on Bill items.
    • Supplier enquiries either Bill items or resource lists.
    • Supplier enquiries can be based on supplier or estimator units (cubic metres/ tonnes).
  • Plugging
    • Plugs available for:
    • Included
    • Excluded
    • Highest
    • Lowest
    • Average
    • Not priced
    • Nil
    • Omitted.
  • Adjustments
    • User defined adjustments can then be compared with other like adjustments.
    • All adjustments can be included in reports.
    • Adjusted rates can be used to update the construction estimate.
  • e-Business
    • Packages can be sent using email.
    • Emails have Excel pricing schedule attachments.
    • Returned schedules are auto-uploaded into the comparison sheet.