Rate Build Up |
Construction Estimating

A fully analytical contractor's estimating software system that provides true multi-user operation for estimating all sizes of construction projects.

The estimating software is flexible, easy to use and intuitive - all of which dramatically improves productivity and accuracy.


Feature Wheel

  • Bill import
    • CITE, Excel, CSV and Text files.
    • Font recognition aids Excel import.
    • Supports Excel multi sheets.
    • Supports multi-column and separate line descriptions.
  • Price build-up
    • Rogue rates.
    • Copy rates from estimates or libraries.
    • Price similar items with same rate.
    • Append rates to existing rates.
    • Composite items priced from mini bills within item.
  • Surfacing
    • Rate build-up Wizards to assist pricing.
    • Surfacing reports and analysis.
    • Support for Superage, PRD, tonnes per day.
  • Price libraries
    • Major Works (SMM7).
    • Minor Works.
    • MMHW.
    • Civils (CESMM).
    • NRM.
    • User Defined.
  • Estimate analysis
    • Estimate.
    • Bills.
    • Sections.
    • Tender Adjudication.
    • Comparisons.
  • Resource analysis
    • Resource levelling.
    • Waste.
    • Cost.
    • Discounts.
    • Profit.
    • Buying conversions.
    • Currency conversions.
    • Composite resources such as gangs and plant, including driver and fuel.
  • Search
    • Find previously priced items in other construction estimates.
    • Find resources used in other construction estimates.
    • Multi select drag and drop.