Planning & Scheduling

The planning and scheduling functionality within Causeway Highways & Infrastructure Maintenance provides the ability to plan and schedule work in a familiar desktop environment.

Dynamic scheduling delivers improved time and resource management information while ensuring work is only scheduled to gangs with appropriate skills. Better jeopardy management for reactive works results from the ability to easily identify the nearest gang able to undertake work.

It also facilitates compliance with TMA streetwork acts and is able to send work electronically to mobile workforces.

Where required, a shared service can be established for centralised planning & scheduling, resulting in lower administrative costs. 


Feature Wheel

  • TMA Permits & Notices
    • Webservices for real time communication.
    • Links to scheduling to ensure compliance.
    • All TMA communications handled through contract location.
    • Email notification of incoming commentary.
    • Automated loading of gazetteer data.
  • Map based scheduling
    • Locate works order/jobs on a map.
    • Integrated with Telematics to locate workforce.
    • Drag and drop association of work to gangs.
    • Links to TMA data to ensure compliance.
    • Assisted scheduling based on job list and map information.
  • Dynamic scheduling
    • Scheduling based on Telematics optimised routes.
    • Time-saving advanced planning.
    • Skills-based scheduling of workforce.
    • Shared planning & scheduling facility.