Our approach is based on the simple belief that high performance – whatever your role – deserves to be rewarded. We recognise success and outstanding contribution, provide progression on merit and make sure you’re given a fair share of the organisation's success.

Your package will, of course, be competitive.  However, if you go above and beyond, so will we.  We have created competitive pay schemes and an award-nominated benefits scheme that allow us to credit you for your hard work.


Financial Reward

We know that employees who feel valued and motivated are essential to our success, and knowing that your salary is competitive is a big part of this.  Therefore, at the heart of your Total Reward package is cash – your salary plus any sales commission, management or performance bonuses, incentive payments,  or allowances that you may receive. 


Causeway Lifestyle is our award-nominated benefits programme. It provides you with a range of benefits to choose from to suit the needs of both you and your family.  It aims to make sure that there are choices to suit everyone across the organisation.  So whatever you do, wherever you work, Causeway Lifestyle is designed for you.

Learning & Development

As you would expect in a leading-edge technology company, life in our world is always changing. In order to keep fresh, sharp and ahead of the competition we rely on the knowledge and skills of our people. So, whatever your role in the organisation, we will support you in adding to that knowledge and developing those skills.

The Right Balance

We recognise that maintaining a healthy work/life balance is essential to retaining motivated and highly skilled employees. We are therefore committed to helping you achieve a balance that enables you to meet the demands of your job and the needs of the business, while also suiting your lifestyle.

Therefore, we strive to ensure you have the right balance of work and non-work commitments and we have introduced a range of policies to help you organise your working life, taking into consideration those who may be relying on you.