Vixen Building Services and Property Maintenance includes a number of aids to scheduling and engineer allocation. These address urgent problem resolution (nearest/quickest operative) as well as route optimisation and advanced routing for planned-maintenance.

Other useful features include continuous dynamic resource scheduling in response to travel delays, extended job duration, cancellations, absences and escalated priorities - with no manual intervention.


Feature Wheel

  • Skill & location
    • Shows nearest engineer with required skills.
    • Enables routing calculations.
    • Shows existing job & estimated time of departure.
    • Shows quickest engineer based on range of criteria.
    • Shows existing/destination job priority.
    • Shows job type (PPM or reactive).
    • Shows description, client etc.
  • Map-assist scheduling
    • See all jobs (or any filtered selection) on map.
    • View all available/filtered operatives on map.
    • Select, drag-&-drop, or group jobs to engineer.
    • Optimises route, identifies exceptions/jeopardy/over-run.
    • Gantt-chart-type view of engineer's route/sequence/day.
    • Shows description, client etc.
  • Dynamic scheduling
    • Continually re-assesses all jobs.
    • Includes engineer available hours.
    • Responds to late arrivals, early departures.
    • Instantly responds to engineer absences.
    • Manages extended job duration.
    • Responds to priority, cancellations, revisions.
    • Looks ahead to include planned-jobs.
    • 'The most possible jobs in the best possible order'.
  • Telematics integration
    • Latest ETAs on continual interface.
    • All scheduling options shown.
    • Proof of attendance in 'no-access' query situations.
    • High-speed route-calculation/optimisation.
    • Real-time map-based visualisation.
    • Compare actual route with optimal route.
    • Match location Mobile Workforce and Telematics system.