Works order management

Uses best-in-class integration with client asset management systems to allow seamless data transfer, resulting in end-to-end processing of work from receipt through to final payment.

Cost capture completes the process, in support of efficient reporting.


Feature Wheel

  • Asset management integration
    • Proven integration with leading asset management systems including EXOR, CONFIRM, SYMOLOGY and Mayrise.
    • One system to progress work through its lifecycle.
  • Order processing
    • Updates triggered to asset management systems as required.
    • Status/stage of work can be tracked, including on-site progress.
  • Schedule of rates
    • Resource split held against Schedule of Rates.
    • Primary and Secondary rates are held for alternative build up.
    • Archive rates can be retained for audit.
    • Global uplifts can be applied to rates.
    • Price fluctuation factors can be applied based on date ranges.
  • Cost integration
    • Costing to works order/job level.
    • Supports Annex 5 cost reporting.
    • Production of cost/value reconciliation reports.
    • Greater visibility and granularity of data.
    • Ability to cost to works orders/jobs.
  • Measurement & valuation
    • Measurement drives valuation processing.
    • Back-to-back measurement for subcontract agreements.
    • Damage to crown property rules included in valuation preparation.
    • Valuation provides basis for payment requests from client.
  • Incident management
    • Built-in damage to crown property rules.
    • Detailed incident logging.
    • HA response time KPI calculations.
    • Management of incidents based on the agencies involved.
    • Rules-based recovery of cost.