Bill of Quantities |
Cost & Programme Management

The Bill of Quantities module is part of the CATO Cost & Programme Management software suite. 

Producing Bills of Quantity uses traditional DimSheets for measurement. BoQ also has full integration with CAD Measure for latest onscreen measurement from most file formats including 3D models.

Feature Wheel

  • Multiple libraries
    • Traditional DimSheet layout for entering measurements.
    • Standard libraries include NRM, SMM, CESMM and MMHW
    • Allows creation of user defined libraries.
    • Enables use of rogue libraries to supplement standard libraries.
    • Allows descriptions to be copied between projects.
  • Pricing
    • Pricing option allows BoQs to be priced for pre-tender estimate purposes.
    • Returned tender rates can be imported to pricing screen.
    • Tender appraisal can be created for selected tenders.
    • Selected tender or PTE can be used as baseline.
    • Tender appraisal can be exported as well as printed.
  • BoQ preparation
    • Allows export to CITE format files for e-Tendering.
    • Enables export to RICS pricing template for online tendering.
    • Traditional BoQ format reporting.
    • BoQ can be exported to DBF file for integration with corporate systems.
    • Flexible reporting can add corporate identity to BoQ format.
  • Sortation
    • Multi-level sortation for sectionalised BoQs.
    • BoQs can be quickly re-sorted into alternative formats.
    • Sort codes can be saved as standards for use in future projects.
    • Project sort codes can supplement standard sort codes.
    • Sort code analysis reports can be used to extract cost data.
    • Use sort codes in cost analysis reporting.
  • Remote working
    • Office project data can be exported to remote users.
    • Remotely created measurements can be imported to office project.
    • Easy inclusion of revisions to remote measurements.
    • Multiple projects can be exported at the same time.
    • Measurements from multiple remote workers can be merged.