Cashflow Forecasting |
Cost & Programme Management

The CATO Cashflow module is an essential aid for effective financial forecasting and monitoring of construction projects. It offers a clear graphical aid to monitor expenditure and progress throughout the project life cycle with the ability to aggregate across schemes and portfolios.

Projected cash flows can be created for a project with very little information other than budget costs and timescale. This projection can then be refined as more detail becomes available. Cash flow predictions can be refined based on actual spend by entering no more than the actual valuation values.


Feature Wheel

  • Wizard driven
    • Simple software wizard to create initial cash flow.
    • Able to convert to alternate currency.
    • Can adjust retention and defects liability period.
    • Choice of spend profile or DHSS cash flow curve.
    • Option for advance payments.
    • Ability to limit retention.
    • Option for alternative materials retention.
  • Graphical interface
    • Budget curves.
    • Actual spend curves.
    • Trended spend curve based on costs to date.
    • Aggregated costs for multiple cash flows.
    • Comprehensive reporting options.
  • 'S' curve
    • Spend profiles from previous projects can be used for projecting costs.
    • DHSS cash flow formula can be used for projecting costs.
    • Graphical representation of standard spend profiles.
    • Graphical representation of DHSS 'S' Curve.
    • Incorporates user-defined spend profiles when required.
  • Schemes & portfolios
    • Multiple package cash flows can be combined to a group cash flow.
    • Multiple group cash flows can be combined to a project cash flow.
    • Multiple project cash flows can be combined to a scheme cash flow.
    • Multiple scheme cash flows can be combined to a portfolio cash flow.
    • Reports on cash flows can be at any level.
  • Trend analysis
    • User control over cash flow predictions.
    • Can use current trend profile.
    • Able to use value base trend.
    • Trended total divergence capability
    • Accommodates current offset use
  • Dynamic reporting
    • Flexible reporting module.
    • Inbuilt export to PDF files.
    • Allows corporate standard reports to be created.
    • Report sets can be created for different clients or project types.
    • Inbuilt export to Excel files.