Programme Management |
Cost & Programme Management

Programme Management in Causeway CATO is designed to support packaged based contracts, allowing packages of work to be managed in the post-contract phase, tracking adjustments that will impact on the budget - from client changes to package transfers and variations.

This comprehensive reporting system also produces reports from executive summaries, to detailed activities and has the ability to report on the combined costs of multiple contracts.


Feature Wheel

  • Multiple cost plans
    • Enables multiple cost plans to be brought together.
    • Packages can be re-sorted.
    • Overall improvements in package cost management.
  • Group & package levels
    • Allows costings to be viewed at package level.
    • Costings can be summarised to a group level.
  • Change control
    • Tracks changes on projects.
    • Variations to contracts are priced and reported.
  • Valuations
    • Enables creation of valuation statements.
    • Valuation statements can be monitored through the project.
  • Advance warnings
    • Traffic light warning system.
    • Easy identification of risk items.
    • Advance warnings of cost variations.
    • Monitors cost variations.
  • Dynamic reports
    • Flexible reporting module.
    • Inbuilt export to PDF files.
    • Corporate standard reports can be created.
    • Report sets can be created for different clients or project types.
    • Inbuilt export to Excel files.