Cost Planning |
Cost & Programme Management

The CATO Cost Planning module provides the ultimate tool for the construction professional. It combines the very latest technology with proven versatility, using a familiar spreadsheet style interface supported by easy to use explorer-style navigation.

Users have complete control over the number of levels to which the detail may be taken. Costs may be developed within a project using the integrated ‘rate builder’ or drawn from other projects. Advanced features include full integration with CAD Measure to provide dynamic measurement from CAD and BIM which, when combined with the integrated cost modelling facility, provides a fast and effective tool upon which to advise on cost with confidence.

 Checkout the video below to see the Cost Planning module in action. 


Feature Wheel

  • Spreadsheet interface
    • Data entry uses familiar spreadsheet style interface.
    • Familiar tree control for navigation around project.
    • Links to imported spreadsheet data provide full flexibility
    • Spreadsheets can be created as measurement schedules.
    • Imports data from feasibility estimating module.
  • Integrated rate builder
    • Ability to create template cost plans in advance.
    • Facilitates management of differing project types.
    • Includes optional resourced rates module.
    • Allowances for risk, out of hours working and material discounts.
    • Price book data can be imported with active subscription to commercial price book.
    • Allows composite rates or resourced rates to be used.
  • Cost modelling
    • Allows alternative options to be included in the same project.
    • Price of one option is passed to master summary
    • Users can switch between the defined option at will.
    • Project price books can be created in addition to corporate price book.
    • Overall cost includes selected items only.
    • Reports can include each alternative.
  • Sortation
    • Measurements can be linked to data from BIMs.
    • Feasibility data can be re-used in cost planning.
    • Cost plan data can be re-used in BoQ module.
    • Cost plan data can be used to populate the project cash flow.
  • Dynamic reports
    • Flexible reporting module.
    • Inbuilt export to PDF files.
    • Allows creation of corporate standard reports.
    • Report sets can be created for differing clients or project types.
    • Inbuilt export to Excel files.