Document Register |
Cost & Programme Management

The Document Register within the CATO suite provides the ability to monitor, record receipt and issue all pre- and post-contract documentation. Revised documents can be tracked and compared with previous revisions.

Documents received can be logged and drawings can be viewed with an integrated document viewer option. This module also provides a powerful drawing comparison facility.


Feature Wheel

  • 2D & 3D viewer
    • Register has a file viewer that allows 2D drawings to be displayed.
    • Register has a model viewer that allows 3D models to be displayed.
    • Drawings can be compared with each other.
    • Pan/zoom functionality included.
    • Mark-up functionality included.
  • File grouping & tagging
    • As documents are imported they can be tagged with project attributes.
    • Documents are tagged with stage of project received.
    • Allows annotation of documents on import.
    • Mark-ups can be saved and copied from version to version.
    • Mark-up layers can be exported to BIM Manager
  • File system drag & drop
    • Files can be dragged/dropped from local file system.
    • Files can be imported to document register with conventional file import options.
    • Files can be tagged with attributes on import.
    • Revisions are append to main module.
    • Files are date stamped on import.
  • Dynamic reporting
    • Flexible reporting module.
    • Inbuilt export to PDF files.
    • Corporate standard reports can be created.
    • Report sets can be created for different clients or project types.
    • Inbuilt export to Excel files.