Embedded Spreadsheet |
Cost & Programme Management

The embedded spreadsheet functionality within CATO enables integration of spreadsheet measurements with the Cost Planning or BoQ production module. As a result, template spreadsheets can be created for complex calculations and the templates can build into a corporate standard library.

Spreadlets can be grouped under category headings and renamed when assigned to a project. Default Spreadlets can also be included.


Feature Wheel

  • Dynamic
    • Spreadlets can be created as template measurement schedules.
    • Spreadlets can be grouped together under category headings.
    • Drag and drop from library to project.
    • Spreadlets can be renamed when assigned to project,
    • Same template can be used many times.
  • Quantity link
    • Default spreadlets can be incorporated.
    • Excel menu option to return values.
    • Updates on spreadlet automatically update value on returned DimSheet.
    • Where used in another measurement quantities will update.
    • Complex calculations supported by multiple links to spreadlet.
  • Multi-sheet support
    • Spreadlets can contain multiple worksheets.
    • Includes Excel formatting capability.
    • Size of spreadlet file can be limited.
    • Quality-checked spreadlets can be locked to prevent change.
    • Individual cell values can be returned to measurement sheet.