Feasibility Estimates |
Cost & Programme Management

As part of the CATO suite, QuickEst provides Cost Managers/Quantity Surveyors with a fast and accurate method of producing an elemental estimate based on historical costs. Previous projects can be analysed/combined and adjusted to provide an initial estimate based on a company’s previous projects or via data created from external sources.

QuickEst is the ultimate solution for preparing feasibility estimates whether from historical data held within your organisation or via BCIS online. The resulting estimate may be transferred to cost planning or exported to many other file formats including PDF, Excel, Lotus, Word and csv.


Feature Wheel

  • Wizard driven
    • Easy to use wizard for initial estimate.
    • Produces comprehensive estimate with very little information.
    • Multiple buildings can be included in the wizard.
    • Reports on functional quantities as well as GFA.
    • Adjusts for regional and inflation indices.
  • Elemental
    • Can use multiple description libraries.
    • Maps BCIS data to NRM.
    • Specific elements can be excluded.
    • Unit quantities and unit costs can replace cost/m2 rate.
    • Differing building types can be reported together.
  • Historical cost data
    • Data can be copied from previous projects.
    • Copied rates can be adjusted for inflation and region.
    • Indices can be downloaded from BCIS with active subscription.
    • Cost planning data can be inserted in QuickEst history data.
    • BoQ elemental data can be inserted in QuickEst history data.
  • BCIS integration
    • Links to BCIS online with active subscription.
    • Search criteria established and passed to BCIS for retrieval.
    • Allows import from local XML file if BCIS online search is required.
    • Combines BCIS historical data with corporate project data.
    • All historic costs are projected to new project base date.
  • Multi-file output
    • Flexible reporting module.
    • Inbuilt export to PDF files.
    • Allows creation of corporate standard reports.
    • Report sets can be created for differing clients or project types.
    • Inbuilt export to Excel files.