eInvoice Exchange |

Tradex allows companies to exchange electronic trading documents, such as invoices or purchase orders, between the many different back office systems in use today.

Shared services and rule-based workflow options ensure all users retain process control, improve visibility and drive efficiency. Data exchange options range from manual processes to fully automated and encrypted data transfer. 

 View our e-Invoicing data sheet here.

Feature Wheel

  • Document types
    • Not just eInvoices.
    • Automate full procurement process.
    • All documents supported.
    • Remove all paper.
    • Scale up the benefits.
  • Send all
    • All outbound documents.
    • Receipt confirmation.
    • Invoices, orders, remittances, etc.
    • Flexible receiving options.
    • Automated reminders to view.
  • Checks
    • Replace time-consuming manual checks.
    • Custom validation & workflow.
    • Clear notification to sender.
    • Save time processing documents with clear errors.
    • Improve first-pass processing.
  • Approvals
    • Check documents before full processing.
    • Custom approval rules.
    • Custom approval routing.
    • Option to accept, hold or reject with reasons.
  • P Cards
    • Prevent duplicate data keying.
    • Automate line & VAT data updates.
    • Use invoice data to inform Pcard system.
    • Handle Pcards without level 3 POS system.
  • Attachments
    • Exchange supporting documents with e-Invoices.
    • Link attachments to invoice.
    • Automatic exchange option.
    • Archive link.
  • Invoice templates
    • Use template for faster online invoice creation.
    • Speed up repetitive invoicing.
    • Help low volume users embrace e-Invoicing.
    • Create multiple invoice templates.
    • Save templates for repeat use.
  • PO flip
    • Automatically convert e-Order to an e-Invoice.
    • Accurate data.
    • Easy for low volume online users.
    • Create partial invoices.
    • Maintains balance details for following invoices.
  • Senders toolkit
    • Avoid unnecessary invoice reprocessing.
    • View rejection reasons.
    • Simple to fix errors.
    • Re-submit invoices in moments.
  • Usage reporting
    • Versatile reports.
    • Document count and value.
    • Monitor trends.
    • Browser access to valuable business intelligence.

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