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To achieve the full benefits of eInvoicing software, all of your suppliers will need to connect and send you their invoices.

In addition to the range of connections supported by Tradex, we also provide managed and automated onboarding services.  These allow the supplier to connect rapidly and to identify the approach that best meets their needs.


Feature Wheel

  • Managed process
    • Customer specific approach.
    • Analysis of supplers.
    • Tailored approach for each supplier.
    • Customer control of process.
    • Monitor progress.
    • Structured communication plan
  • Setup support
    • Support supplier engagement.
    • Buyer specific content.
    • Connection options explained.
    • FAQ section.
    • Links to automated set up.
  • Community match
    • Find suppliers that already use Tradex.
    • Fast start up.
    • Make communications specific to each supplier.
  • Key Suppliers
    • Personal engagement.
    • Face-to-face presentation.
    • Open Q&A session.
    • Use to strengthen relationships.
  • Invitations
    • Quick set up.
    • Automated.
    • Fast onboarding.
    • Flexible partner options.
  • Automation
    • Minimal manual processing.
    • Simple to use.
    • Relevant details for each partner.
    • Start using straight away.
  • Tracking
    • Real time information.
    • Progress management.
    • Simple follow up process.
    • Ensure success.

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