Causeway Telematics

Causeway Telematics uses live location data for advanced GPS tracking of vehicles, improving fleet tracking and fleet management and enabling more efficient scheduling of field-based staff. Causeway Telematics also provides protection for vulnerable assets, such as plant and trailers, and helps to safeguard lone workers.

With Causeway Telematics, ad-hoc or scheduled reporting allows users to highlight operational issues while the integral fleet monitor provides excellent visibility of vehicle trails and route histories to help fine tune performance even further. Key benefits include time-savings, improved response times and customer service, and reduced costs by minimising journey distances and fuel consumption.

Where required, it also provides seamless integration with Causeway Vixen Property and Building Services Maintenance software.


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John Binding - Logistics Director at Walton Civil Engineering & Surfacing Contractors Ltd

We have been using Causeway Telematics to track our 140 strong vehicle fleet since 2009. After lengthy evaluations of several leading systems in the Marketplace it was this system we chose. Why? The clarity of the mapping, the report suites, accessibility and the layout all contribute to the minute-by-minute information of fleet activities. This helps with costs such as fuel consumption and overtime to name but a few.

The continual development is encouraging to help stay ahead of the field. There are no gimmicks, just a stable platform which gives you control at the click of a mouse.

I wanted a system that could be used in every department as a management tool to be of benefit to the user. It had to be a good product for it to be used. There is no point in investing in a product if staff are uncomfortable or reluctant to use it. With the Causeway system this is not the case.

Occasionally, like with any technical system, there are glitches but the Support team are always on hand to rectify the problem over the phone or by remote access to your PC. Their commitment and knowledge is exceptional.

As part of our ongoing belief in how good the Causeway Telematics system is we re-signed a new 5-year contract 9 months early. We look forward to the on-going development, roll-out and support for the years to come.



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