Personal Tracking |

Personal tracking is primarily used by companies seeking to protect lone workers in dangerous situations.

The personal tracking device alerts employers when one of their workforce is in trouble and needs assistance. As well as helping to protect staff in the event of injury or attack, this functionality helps organisations to fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibility to their workforce. The device can also be used to monitor the location of the workforce and assist with job allocation for those not based in vehicles.


Feature Wheel

  • Live tracking
    • Monitor location of staff 24/7.
    • Highly sensitive GPS updates.
    • Ruggedized portable tracking unit.
  • Lone worker
    • Locate staff instantly.
    • Hands free audio capability.
    • Remote access allows staff to dial in and listen to problematic situations.
  • Emergency messaging
    • Text alerts to specified number.
    • Voice alerts to specified number.
    • Assistance can be directed accurately to source of distress call.
    • Alarm can be raised discreetly.