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Vehicle Tracking enables companies to view the live locations of their fleet and find out where they have been on any given day. It delivers much more than simply tracking of vehicles as the system allows users to understand how their mobile workforce operates - highlighting how much time is spent on site and how much in the vehicle.

It also enables users to prove service, confirm timesheets and deploy the most appropriate employee to reactive work. At a strategic level, information provided by the system allows users to ensure their fleet is deployed to maximum effect and make informed decisions on fleet replacement and reallocation.


Feature Wheel

  • Live monitoring
    • Live updates and alerts.
    • Traffic information.
    • Configurable display screen.
    • Simple driver/vehicle updates & changes.
    • All historic data instantly accessible.
    • Ability to create hierarchy & virtual accounts.
    • Upload or use pre-loaded points of interest.
    • Identify location.
    • Easy to use locate & zoom functionality.
  • Asset management
    • Understand fleet distribution.
    • Ensure vehicles are being fully utilised.
    • Vehicle 'snail trail' visible on screen.
    • Power Take Off (PTO) engagement on crane/emergency lights/gritting unit/door opening etc.
    • Update driver of vehicle.
    • Duty of care compliance.
    • Vehicle downtime highlighted.
  • Driver ID
    • Driver identification system.
    • Remote vehicle immobilisation.
    • Highlight unscheduled door opening.
    • identify nearest vehicle to a given point when dealing with insurance claims.
  • Security
    • Out of hours vehicle movement alerts.
    • Breach of geofence alerts
    • Highlights unscheduled door opening.
  • Maintenance alerts
    • MOT alerts.
    • Service alerts.
    • Insurance alerts.
    • Customisable vehicle maintenance alerts.
    • Due-for-service reporting.
    • Add specific notes to vehicle history/current status.
  • Winter maintenance
    • Gritting proof of service.
    • Gritter interface.
    • Controlled client access for clients to view gritting progress & reports.
  • Ad-hoc reporting
    • Ad-hoc reporting.
    • KPI reports highlighting performance at group/branch/vehicle level.
    • Ability to report over any time period.
    • User definable reports.
  • Business intelligence
    • Schedulable reports.
    • Scope to develop reports on demand.
    • Email to multiple users.
    • Available online or in Excel, PDF, csv or XML.
    • Accurate timesheets.
    • Report on activity at points of interest or groups of POIs.

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